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What Christmas Means To Me.

Christmas to some people is known for being the birth of Jesus Christ. But to me it means something different. I believe that Christmas is a time to get together with family, eat, open gifts and just have a good time. I don’t believe in religious things, my family is not religious at all. Every year is always different there isn’t really a tradition that we do. In my 17 years of life I probably have only had 2 Christmas trees. 


It isn’t really what we do at all. What we do is find a place to all get together have a big party the night before and the night of. We wake up in the morning open presents then later on cook lots of food, eat then party some more. Itmeans a lot to me to have my family around, it makes me very happy. With everything that goes on in my life, it’s a time that I look forward to each year. 


New Year, New Season, New Coaches

The Lady Hawks Basketball Team is in the process of again rebuilding as only 4 players from last year’s team are returning. Ms. Fareeda Washington being the assistant coach last year has now become this year’s head coach with a new assistant Coach Jackson. Washington who once played for Harmon back in her days has a pretty good idea on what has to be done.

Coach Jackson who has a background & current job as an AAU coach plans to make big changes in this 2012-2013 basketball season. He promotes “mental tuffness” “playing hard” & “playing smart” while also having fun on the court. “Change the Coaching ”he says during every practice, trying to motivate these girls in playing to their best ability.

During practices these coaches are tuff, do the best to keep everyone in shape and make sure that education comes first. Both playing in college, they have a common passion and that’s basketball. Teaching these young ladies, giving them the knowledge to be better basketball players seems that it may work. Their techniques methods & drills could be effective. We won’t actually know until we continue to watch these hard working ladies.0aa118_9f586f6ec09a6420adaf3652f757e96b.gif_512

This year’s team could very well pull out some wins. Hopefully their hard work pays off and it will put some fans in the stands! Wish them good luck on their season and go support! GO LADY HAWKS!

Harmon’s: Seniors vs. Juniors Powderpuff Game

It has been tradition at Harmon and other high schools to have an annual Girls “PowderPuff” Football game. The game is usually held during school where the Junior class takes on the Senior class. This being flag football instead of tackle made everyone wonder if this game would be any inch of interesting. If the fans weren’t entertained by the game surely they would be entertained by the Cheerleaders. Guys have girl cheerleaders why not let the Girls have Guy cheerleaders right? 

With a good amount of students in the crowd both teams were hyped and ready to put in work. Game faces on, the Senior ladies were ready and lined up on the 40 yrd line to start the 1st quarter. First run didn’t end up so great for the Seniors but surely they would come back. After a failed run the Juniors received the ball and had a pretty good running game with their star player Emma Villegas. 

If stats even mattered the Juniors would have been the more impressive team to watch hands down.

There was definitely more running yards put up by the Juniors and pretty good defense at the beginning of the game.



The ball went back & forth for another run or two then finally a score was put on the board. The Juniors were the first to score and had a 7 up lead on the Seniors. This game seemed pretty hectic as ladies were scrambling on and off the field and girls were arguing etc. But being the top dogs of the school the Seniors rallied back by scoring the next two touchdowns. Even with a dozen dropped passes they were able to make some good runs. One TD was made by 4 year Harmon student Tiffany Phouthavong which, was a result of a interception. The other touchdowns were by Karen Corral who was the Senior Class’s MVP. Corral scored the 3 TD’s with her very impressive running game.



Like everyone expected the Seniors took the dub with a final score of 28-14. It was intense and very competitive but showed good sportsmanship, which is what we expect for the next years to come. Big shout out to the Juniors for being good competitors.





The Senior Victory Huddle:

JC Harmon Hawk Boys Soccer Team

Since the opening of jc harmon high school in 1973, the boys soccer team has been one of the best teams ever and the best team in the kck league. 2 Time State champions, & league champs almost every year and trophies and banners to match, this soccer team is ready for another one. Someone who is very familiar with this program has agreed to sit down with me and answer a few questions. This man has played soccer for the boys team years ago & has came back to teach the “Lady Hawks” a thing or two about the game of soccer. Carlos Olivas who is now the head coach of the boys team has already made a huge impact. Now with two wins in the “Fat Cat Tournament” they look ahead to the finals this saturday.

Here’s the Coach interview:

Were you offered the position of head coach or did you try to get it?

I applied like everyone else it’s been something’ ive been wanting a long time, it wasn’t the way I wanted it though.

Was it something you’ve always wanted since you started coaching the girls’ team?

Well It was 2003 ,& i was the assistant to head coach and his wife ms. Mendez .. but then I took over because Coach Eddie went back to school.

How do you feel about your players?

I think I have a great group of guys, it’s not easy transitioning from one coach to another like they have, but they’re giving me 100% because that’s what i’ve given them.

How do you feel about the start of the season? (tournament)

It’s surreal, to beat 6a powerhouses like that it’s incredible, it’s a part of history. Two of the best victories since I’ve played.

 Do the players work well together?

Yes, especially transitioning from one coach to another, they’re getting better each day, they’re becoming family.

What do you expect to happen in the future/rest of the season? What are you looking forward to ?

The expectations for ourselves is to make it to state. If we keep playin’ the way we’re playing it could happen. I’m Proud of the effort that the guys have givin me, I wanna also thank the girls who are managing because I don’t have assistant coaches.

I Was also given the chance to interview 3 of the Captains, ENRIQUE HERNANDEZ, Breyson Ruiz, & Javier De Lara. (carlos ruiz also captain wasn’t interviewed)

LEFT: BREYSON RUIZ Enrique Hernandez: Right

They have been at Harmon all 4 years and they knows the game of soccer very well. Now Seniors they feel that their duty is to lead this team to state. By the looks of it so far it’s a definite possibility. 



Here’s the Interview:

How do you feel about Harmon as a school?

Enrique: I think its good in some ways but its terrible at supporting soccer.

What do you say to your team before a game?

Enrique: To not panic, that “we got this” .

Breyson: I tell them to play hard and not to be intimidated from the opponent.

Will the rest of the season be any good?

Yes, if all the players keep their grades up .

How do you feel about being captain?

Breyson: I feel very honored to have be chosen to be one of the captains and represent my school

Javier: The feeling of captain is great. I am a leader on the team. Most people look up to me because so far i’ve had two man of the match performances where I have saved my team from defeat. I know that i have the capacity to raise my team or lower their spirits. I Go hard so my teammates can follow.

What do you expect from your teammates?


 Javier: I expect teammates that don’t give up. Teammates that till the referee blows his whistle they are still running trying to dominate the field. Teammates that not only act as friends, but that deep inside they are family to me. Before a team can be the best they have to be a family.

What do you say to your team before every game? 

Javier: We have our own little chant to pump up our varsity team. No fear (Team Repeats) No fear (Team Repeats) Refuse to lose (Team Repeats) Refuse to lose (Team Repeats) 80 Minutes of Hell (Team Repeats) 123…. Hawks

How do you think the season will go?

Javier: I’m pretty sure our soccer team wants to go farther than the basketball team last year. I have repeats for Coach Gonzalez and his players playing a state final. We are expecting to win this saturday and going undefeated. We also want to shut the mouths of the rest of the U.S.D. 500 but every game must be played.

Is State In The Future For This Team?

Javier: State is definitely in the minds of every player on the team. We want a state championship and the soccer team has only been to state twice. We want to be the first team to get a state championship for the soccer teams in history.

 By the looks and sounds of it, this team is definitely ready for another championship. there’s no doubt in mind that they could do it. I wish the best of luck to them all ! GO HAWKS!!

Living In The USA

The Life of A Student From Jc Harmon High School In The United States. My typical week of school consists of a full schedule of classes. I have Economics, Spanish, Media Tech, Act Prep, Physics, college algebra & English 4. The Classes so far are easy haven’t done much yet. The environment is really chill and laid back nothing too crazy. When I’m not at school my friend’s and I like to go out and do what teenagers do. We go to Parties, Movies, restaurants etc. just whatever we want to do at the time. I think the U.S is a great place to live in compared to other places because there is a lot of freedom here. There is also a lot of really good places to go vacation. With the politics side I believe it’s pretty good there’s just some adjustments that should be made. I would one day hope that they would legalize gay marriage one day, that is my hopes & dreams for the U.S. I like living in America there’s no other place I’d rather be. 

Geppetto’s Strange Uncovering

A piece of wood actually a young Boy has been found in an old shop. From an old carpenter shop there was a man named Antonio who had a round & shiny red nose. The place had been an old carpenter shop & he figured he’d open it up again. While in the shop he found a piece of wood that he fell in love with instantly & decided to work on it. With every peel of the bark he kept hearing what sounded like a little boy. The man searched everywhere but still no little boy. While smoothing out the wood he heard a voice say “Stop it! Oh, stop it! Ha, ha, ha! You tickle my stomach.” Master Cherry fell as if he had been shot, as he was opened his eyes he found himself on the floor. A man had came in the shop and conversed with Antonio but they were interrupted by that same voice. Geppetto and Antonio fought and when it was over shook hands & made up. So then Geppetto took the piece of wood back to his home. He wanted to make the wood into a marionette, and finally did so. He named him Pinocchio.

Who I Am

My Name Is Tiffany Phouthavong I’m A Senior Here At JC Harmon High School. The Only Laotian student here which makes me feel kinda special (to be honest). But I’m Just The Average Teenager But Definately Not Basic. i Live On The Edge But Not Too Far Out. i Have Goals & Ambitions That i Would Like To Continue To Pursue. i Play Basketball So Just Call Me A Hooper. i Also Play The Viola Which is One of My Favorite Hobbies. Looking at me you would never guess the things i like or do. Music Is Life i Listen To Everything, & Without It Life would be nothing that it is now. I’m definately blessed because i’m able to wake up in the morning & say RISE & GRIND. —TVP